For a digital wallet to work, the merchant’s point-of-sale system should have the same applications as the phone supporting the wallet. To ensure that consistency, VeriFone Systems Inc. says its Paymedia universal acceptance platform will make that connection regardless of wallet provider or mobile network, the terminal maker announced Feb. 26.

The platform includes Paymedia Network Services, Estate Management software and the VeriFone Near Field Communication App Manager built into all VeriFone NFC-acceptance platforms. Also, the platform provides an open application programming interface to ensure that value-added wallet data not traditionally supported will work through merchant systems with no disruption, VeriFone said in a press release.

The Paymedia platform services and software enable mobile-network operators and wallet providers to download wallet-acceptance applications directly to merchants’ POS systems and allow merchants to connect the application to the provider via the cloud-based Paymedia Network Services. Using the platform’s infrastructure, wallet providers keep all management capabilities over their applications with the ability to update them at any time with new features and services managing every aspect of acceptance, VeriFone says.