VeriFone Systems Inc. is ready to go live with its first content partner for a system that allows video to be played on gas-station payment terminal screens: NBCUniversal Inc.

VeriFone launched Paymedia for its Secure PumpPay terminals as an add-on for gas stations in May. The product presents advertising on the pump's screen and allows gas stations to accept new payment types.

VeriFone likens the NBC deal for gas stations to its practice of presenting media in taxi cabs.

"The pump experience has a lot of very similar characteristics to the taxi experience," says Chris Polos, a VeriFone vice president in charge of global media sales. "You are captive and it's accountable. It's only running when somebody is engaging in a transaction."

As part of its deal with NBC, VeriFone, of San Jose, Calif., is ending its relationship with Walt Disney Co.'s ABC, which has provided content for VeriFone terminals since 2007.

NBC, which is owned by Comcast Corp. and General Electric Co., is ending its relationship with other companies that provide programming to gas station locations, Polos says.

VeriFone would not disclose the number of gas station pumps that will be receiving NBC content through this deal.

VeriFone has a presence at about 65,000 gasoline retailers, which have about 10 screens at each station, says Polos. He would not say specifically how many of these screens will be getting access to NBC content.

About 12,000 taxi cabs will be receiving the new content as part of this deal, he says.

Advertisers are increasingly interested in placing their brands at the pump, says Polos.

"It's an easy conversation for us to have," he says. "The question [advertisers ask] isn't: 'Tell us about it?' The question is: 'How many have you installed so far?' "

VeriFone is also testing a function that would allow users to buy lottery tickets while filling up.

In the new fiscal year, which began at the end of October, VeriFone expects to equip between 10,000 and 15,000 pumps with Secure PumpPay, said the company's chief executive, Douglas G. Bergeron, on an earnings call with analysts Dec. 15.