Wells Fargo (WFC) will invest $2 million over five years in GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit that brings solar technology to low-income communities.

GRID is expanding its services from California to Colorado and then to other states nationwide, Wells Fargo said Wednesday. The group will complete 11 solar installations in September for homes built by Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

Since 2007, employees from the San Francisco bank have volunteered with GRID, helping to install residential solar systems. Wells Fargo has also donated money to help GRID expand from one office to seven throughout California.

"As part of our commitment to investing in environmental solutions for communities, we're proud to work together with GRID Alternatives to help them expand into Colorado and beyond," Mary Wenzel, director of environmental affairs at Wells Fargo, said in a news release. "GRID's unique delivery model offers many benefits to our communities, from decreasing electricity bills for homeowners to helping veterans and other unemployed community members gain job experience installing solar panels."