Wincor Nixdorf, a provider of IT solutions and services to retail banks, announced in a release Tuesday several new technologies it is set to release at its 2014 trade fair, Wincor World, spanning Tuesday to Thursday.

One is the CINEO C4090 system. The CINEO C4090 will feature built-in barcode and NFC scanners and two 18.5-inch touchscreens meant to enable banking customers to process standard transactions in a more intuitive way.

Wincor Nixdorf also announced it is presenting a mobile banking app called "Smart ATM" at the trade fair. Wincor Nixdorf says the technology is scheduled for live testing by a German and a Swiss bank in the near future. The app sends a barcode back to a mobile phone which the customer holds up to the ATM's QR code scanner to be scanned for identification. The cash is then dispensed immediately.

"The speed with which the Smart ATM processes transactions is a sizeable advantage," the release says. "And since the system no longer requires a card reader or a card to process cash withdrawals, it provides protection against skimming attacks."

Wincor Nixdorf will present two branch concepts at the trade fair, one a full-service branch design and one a mini-branch design. Both combine new software solutions and technologies to support new kinds of assisted self-service.