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  • February 10 2012, 10:48am EST
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Dialed In

Bank execs want to use mobile apps to deepen customer relationships, but they say security is the most significant barrier mobile banking's growth. (Image: ThinkStock)

Google Vs. Malware …

Google is fighting back against malware targeting its Android smartphones. Its new "Bouncer" program screens Android market apps for embedded malware and tests them to see if they steal personal data. (Image: ThinkStock)

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… But Still Faces Threats

The Google Wallet app locks out users after five failed PIN entries, but a programmer figured out how to determine the PIN using a separate app. This method works only with phones that have been 'rooted' by the user to run unauthorized software. (Image: ThinkStock)

Bad Deal

The online deal site is offering credit monitoring to people whose data may have been compromised by the sale of a refurbished Motorola Xoom tablet. (Image: ThinkStock)

An ATM's

A man is accused of trying to steal an ATM by attaching it to a truck and dragging it out of a convenience store at night. Only part of the ATM came loose, and he was arrested when he allegedly came back to steal what a store employee called "the good part" with the money in it. (Image: ThinkStock)

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Master Sleuth

MasterCard will offer merchants technology that monitors Web activity for suspicious behavior — even if that activity does not result in fraud. The tech, from Silver Tail, is meant to warn banks and merchants of hackers hunting for vulnerabilities. (Image: ThinkStock)

Chips Ahoy

To speed up the issuance of secure chip-cards in the U.S., Visa launched a service that translates a hidden code on chip cards to a code that banks already use for magnetic-stripe security. This saves banks the hassle of investing in chip-card acceptance technology directly. (Image: ThinkStock)


U.S. Bank's "Tami" shares too much information. A series of new online videos demonstrates how the bad habits of fictional bank customer Tami make her a perpetual identity theft victim.

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Coding with Caution

BITS, the technology division of the Financial Services Roundtable, has previously focused on defending bank networks from hackers and malware. Its new Software Assurance Framework takes a different approach: it helps developers write more secure code. (Image: ThinkStock)

Apple Gets Bitten

To protest against the working conditions at Foxconn, the manufacturing outsourcer used by Apple and other major companies, hacktivists published what they say is Foxconn data, including passwords clients use to place orders. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Bank of America is reissuing some cards after a possible data breach at a third party, according to letters it mailed to customers. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Bad Choice

The password "12345" is infamously un-secure. It's a common sight on lists of overused passwords and was even mocked in the film Spaceballs. It was also reported this week that "12345" was the Syrian President's email password — a choice that allowed the hacktivist group Anonymous to break in. (Image: ThinkStock)