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  • March 30 2012, 12:00pm EDT
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Big Budget

The bank account of billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (pictured) was compromised by an alleged card thief who thinks big. The FBI accuses Brandon Price of tricking Citibank into mailing him a debit card connected to Allen's account. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Fraud Figure

Banks in Asia are losing $1 billion because of fraud each year. That figure comprises direct fraud losses, fines from regulators and lost potential customers. "Even if banks are prepared to take the financial loss, the loss to their reputation is far greater," one expert told Reuters. (Image: ThinkStock)

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Solid Square

Square has added encryption to the small credit card readers it distributes to smartphone users. A rival criticized the company for lacking encryption in an earlier version of its product.

Zeus Gets Shocked

Microsoft says a recent seizure of computer servers will hurt cyberthieves who use the Zeus malware to target bank accounts. However, Microsoft admits that Zeus is not gone for good. (Image: ThinkStock)

Even the Score

MasterCard is offering a new scoring tool to online merchants to help them catch fraudulent transactions. (Image: ThinkStock)

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I Spy

U.S. banks are the top target of the SpyEye banking Trojan, with nearly half of SpyEye domains based in the U.S. Russia, at 7% of domains, was a distant second. (Image: ThinkStock)

Outside the Box

Hackers can steal a person's credit card details from a used Xbox 360 game console, even if that console has been restored to factory settings. To fully protect any financial data that was used with the system, owners should detach its hard drive and use a PC to wipe it. (Image: ThinkStock)

Game Over

RockYou, an online social video game company, agreed to a settlement with the FTC over a December 2009 data breach. The breach exposed the email addresses and passwords of over 30 million people, including minors. (Image: ThinkStock)

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Elga Credit Union in Michigan re-issued 450 Visa cards after suspecting the cards had been compromised at a retailer. The credit union also discovered thousands of dollars in fraudulent transactions on the accounts. (Image: ThinkStock)