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  • April 27 2012, 10:33am EDT
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Motion Sickness

A new attack on Android smartphones uses the phone's built-in motion sensors to determine when users are typing sensitive information, such as a bank password or a Social Security number. The malware, called TapLogger, is a proof-of-concept created by researchers. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Fidelity National Information Services is still haunted by a security breach of its Sunrise payments platform a year ago. The breach became a small spectacle in the company's first-quarter earnings call on Thursday. (Image: ThinkStock)

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"Favicons," the tiny logos next to a website in the Firefox browser's Web address bar, are being eliminated to improve security. Fraudsters can put a padlock icon in that spot to trick people into thinking a spoofed bank site is really a secure site. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Tone It Down

Users don't want extra security on mobile devices, Bank of America learned through its customer advisory board. If security on a mobile device is too burdensome, it makes the bank's Web-based offering seem less secure by comparison. (Image: Bloomberg News)

In the Cards

FiTeq Technologies designed a battery-powered card that generates a dynamic security code for payments. Consumers must press a button to generate the code before swiping the card, which can also be used for online transactions. (Image: ThinkStock)

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Chips Ahoy?

The card networks have set tight deadlines for merchants to accept the secure EMV chip-card standard, but so far very few merchants are asking for help in the conversion. "It's not like they're knocking down the doors yet," said Phil Tomlinson, chairman and CEO of TSYS.

Flashback Is Back

Apple has plugged the security hole that allowed the Flashback malware to infect its Mac computers, but a new variant has entered the scene. Fortunately, it can't infect computers that were already updated to guard against the original version. (Image: ThinkStock)