Credit Union PAC Funds Backed Many Winners In Elections

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WASHINGTON-CUNA last week said that 26 winning Senate candidates and 302 winning House candidates had received funds from the its PAC, the Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC).

Among the group of "Democratic friends," as described by CUNA CEO Bill Cheney, who lost their races was a long-time supporter, however, Rep. Paul Kanjorski (see related story).

At press time, CUNA said that 93% of candidates in called races who received CULAC support had won election. "The election results, particularly in the races where we communicated directly with credit union members, bear that out and offer a road map not only for future efforts at the ballot box but for grassroots campaigns on credit union legislation as well," Cheney said in a released statement.

According to the trade group, CUNA, CULAC, state leagues and individual credit unions spent a combined $3.9 million on various candidates, and $1.1 million on direct communications with voters in 13 general and primary races, targeting 12 states.

CUNA said that more than one-million one million pieces of direct mail were sent to voters on behalf of various candidates, and CUNA finished this election cycle as the most bipartisan spender among the top 50 group that made independent expenditures during the election.

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