Fallout 'On Hold'

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PHOENIX-The much-discussed immigration law in Arizona, which was signed by Gov. Jan Brewer April 23, is on hold as courts review its constitutionality.

Austin De Bey, VP of government affairs for the Arizona CU League & Affiliates, said SB 1070 has not brought any fallout to credit unions so far, but added, "We are keeping an eye on it from the standpoint of when it does come into effect, what it will mean for credit unions."

The U.S. District Court blocked several portions of the bill just before it was to go into effect in August. De Bey said talk of boycotts against Arizona businesses by critics who believe the new law will lead to racial profiling has been muffled by the court intervention, as have been plans by some to boycott the state.

"The general consensus around here is the initial boycotts did not have a great effect on the state. There are recessionary effects here, and there might have been some short-term effects, but nothing with any major consequences. The buycott, which was promoted as the opposite of a boycott, was supposed to buy goods here, but that didn't have any long-term effect on business, either."

De Bey said no one really knows what the law will look like until after the court decides, but said the Arizona League is "not too concerned" either way.

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