LGE Community's Ad Campaign Promotes CU Difference, More Or Less

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MARIETTA, Ga.-Less versus more could mean a whole lot more business for LGE Community CU here, thanks to a new commercial being aired in the region.

The spot (which can be seen at www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pZ017AzqQ4) contrasts the credit union difference with the level of service and quality of rates commonly found at banks.

Andrea Shorr, LGE Community's marketing & public relations specialist, explained that the less versus more concept was the product of The Burmeister Group, a local ad agency that LGE Community has worked with for the last 10 months.

"It takes a lighthearted approach, but it really plays up the message that at credit unions you can get a lot more, whether it be in terms of rates or services that they offer," Shorr said of the new ad campaign.

The spots have another purpose, too, with Shorr noting focus groups conducted by LGE Community found many of its own members were unaware of all of the services that it offered, "so we wanted to get that message across that we have much better services and also better rates and fees than you find at a bank."

The ads will run through the end of October-with a short break during the summer months-and Shorr noted that one of the benefits of the ad's simplicity is that it is easily adaptable. Simply by swapping out a few graphics and creating a new voiceover, the same ad can be tailored to specific product or rate offerings. The credit union is considering making such a change in the fall.

First Time On TV in 5 Years

The 60-year-old LGE Community has more than 96,000 members and nearly $800-million in assets, but has not run TV ads in about five years, according to Shorr. At the ad agency's suggestion, it found ways to work the cost of TV ads into its budget and did a selected cable buy, meaning that the spot will run on specific stations during pre-set times.

In addition to running during morning news and on programs such as "The Suze Orman Show"-part of the CU's effort to align itself with consumer advocates-the spot is also showing in an abbreviated 10-second form at local movie theaters. Fliers with similar content are also being distributed at community events.

Acknowledging that awareness campaigns are tough to track, Shorr said that CU officials hope to use the campaign to boost membership and loan volumes, as well as increasing wallet share.

"Our overall lending goal for 2011 is to increase total loans by 3.5%," said Shorr. According to the CU's latest call report, LGE Community CU has more than $511 million in loans. "We're hoping that this new ad campaign, along with smaller more-targeted loan campaigns, will help us reach or exceed our goal."

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