Mother, Son Sing And Dance For Virginia CU TV Spot

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RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia CU, which is filming a series of TV commercials, rolled out its latest spot featuring a real-life mother and son singing and dancing to the credit union’s original song, “We Belong Together.”

The mom and son, Regina Davis and Grayland Hicks, are well known for the church renditions of “Amazing Grace” and “Victory is Mine,” which won them the part in the credit union’s new commercial, which can be viewed on You Tube.

Davis, Hicks, and 10 other credit union members were chosen from more than 80 who auditioned. They were notified by e-mail, and a week later found themselves in a studio, recording the original track titled “We Belong Together.”

The latest TV spot follows one introduced last month that featured a dozen members of the credit union performing to the credit union’s new theme song. It is an upbeat song-and-dance spot, modeled after the hit TV show Glee, a mix of members sing, “I’m not an actor...I’m not a star...I’m not a model...I can’t drive a car...We belong together...because Virginia Credit union, is where our banking is done.”


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