Union Workers Need To Grow Up

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I had to laugh about the statement Bob Griffiths from the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades union made about pulling their accounts from UFCW FCU ("Union Members Say They Will Close Accounts," Credit Union Journal, Dec. 24). "This isn't about hard feelings, this is business." Someone should clue Mr. Griffiths in that the reason that UFCW FCU used non-union people is because the project was probably 15% to 25% cheaper than if they would have used union people. Now that sounds like a good business decision from on the credit union's part.

Pulling the union members' accounts from the credit union has nothing to do with business. Mr. Griffiths and all the other union members are pulling their accounts because their feelings were hurt. Seems to me Mr. Griffiths and his union friends need to grow up.

Roger A. Licht, President

Credit Union One, Fond du Lac, Wis.

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