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One lawsuit has already been filed against Equifax in the wake of its massive security failure. But that’s the just beginning of the consequences for the credit bureau and the banks that use it.
September 8
7 Min Read
Lawmakers signaled Monday that Congress will likely have a swift and powerful response to revelations that the credit reporting company Equifax was hacked, exposing 143 million people to identity theft.
September 11
3 Min Read
The Equifax breach has millions of Americans now thinking about freezing their credit to guard against identity theft. But those who act could be cutting themselves off from the nation's vast credit economy.
September 19
4 Min Read
Congress may soon try to limit the personal identifiable information that companies and the government can collect on consumers based on their reaction to the massive data breach at Equifax.
October 4
4 Min Read
Calls for less reliance on credit bureaus and Social Security numbers for verification are leading many to envision a future of identity on a distributed ledger.
October 30
5 Min Read
Credit card balances declined most sharply as consumers cut back their spending due to the coronavirus pandemic and associated shutdown orders, the New York Fed said Thursday. But delinquencies also fell across all debt categories, thanks to government and lender relief efforts.
August 6
2 Min Read
Banking and credit reporting groups say such an agency could politicize the reporting process. Consumer groups say it would offer consumers a necessary alternative.
July 21
6 Min Read