On Capital One's recent massive data breach:

“Another day, another hack. When does the payment cards community conclude that its products are simply fraud-prone? When do policymakers step in?”

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On The Bancorp expanding its business in securitizing commercial real estate loans:

"Yikes. The beginning of the end? Feels like we've been here before."

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On House lawmakers considering including other alternative data in consumer credit reports:

"It's been my first-hand observation that if consumers aren't paying their utilities on-time, they likely aren't paying anything else on time either so how would that hurt consumers any more than they're already hurting?"

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On criticisms to comments made by the head of the Financial Accounting Standards Board in defending the new current expected credit loss, or CECL:

"One of the most telling criticisms by the author is the . . . assigning in up-front the losses based upon those predictions, but not recognizing the earnings that are to be received over that same period."

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Magnifying glass image on columns of numbers
Another reader responds to criticisms of the incoming CECL standard:

"The proposed accounting for loan loss reserves will not change the economics of the lending business; it will be determined by actual credit losses over time . . . It is these economics which will determine credit availability."

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Eric Blankenstein, head of CFPB enforcement
On senators asking the Department of Housing and Urban Development to fire a new official who previously resigned from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for running a racially charged blog years ago:

"If all political appointees are to be fired . . . many, many other high-level appointees put into place by Sen. Elizabeth Warren or (former CFPB Director) Richard Cordray would be included in the firings."

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Open banking
On fintechs that are building products to help older Americans with little or no retirement savings:

"The retirement paycheck is a brilliant idea that would benefit so many."

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