On Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Jelena McWilliams vowing to eliminate regulation that discourages innovation:

"Litigation threats are destroying innovation that could be realized. The sooner the better. Banks need it."

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren
On a proposal by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, to levy steep taxes on lobbying groups, including those representing financial services:

"Another example of missing the forest for the trees. If you really want to make a difference in the political influence realm, time to look at campaign finance reform."

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tax form
Another reader responds to a plan by Sen. Warren to impose heavier taxes on lobby groups:

"Forgive me for thinking, Senator, that your true concern is that those lobbyists might be successful at occasionally thwarting some of the wildly irresponsible policies you constantly spin up."

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.
A third reader reacts to Sen. Warren's plan to charge higher taxes on lobby groups based on their expenditures:

"If this is a serious proposal, how would the CU [credit union] lobbyist fare under the rule?"

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On Freddie Mac's partnership with ZestFinance to test the use of artificial intelligence in making loan decisions and predicting the likelihood of borrowers paying back debt:

"What nonsense. ... We made loans to people with a history of not making their payments and guess what, they didn't make their payments."

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Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
On an op-ed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's head of large-bank supervision, Maryann Kennedy, about the rewards and challenges to examining banks:

"Former career OCC examiner here. I agree with everything Ms. Kennedy said, except for one thing. ... With proper training and preparation, analyzing data and delivering bad news is easy. ... Having to deal with the bad news is the hard part."

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On the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. taking a deeper dive into the May failure of a small bank in Texas, Enloe State Bank:

"FDIC plans an 'in-depth review' that will last another six months for a tiny bank failure? Since we already know the cause (an old formula), this is nothing more than a make-work project for a bunch of bureaucrats with nothing else to do."

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Teller station
On an op-ed encouraging small banks to layer their strong customer service with new technology to stay competitive with big banks:

“At the end of the day, if customers can transact online, you have to give them another reason to interact with your great people otherwise your best asset is underutilized."

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On federal regulators of both banks and credit unions offering programs meant to encourage the return of small-dollar loans to the industry:

"It is heartening that credit unions and banks and their regulators are continuing to explore ways to bring small-dollar lending to consumers who desperately need it. Bill Isaac, former Chairman FDIC."

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