ACI Worldwide (ACIW) has agreed to buy Distra, a payments software provider, for roughly $48.8 million in cash.

ACI's payment software handles $12 trillion worth of payments a day.

The Distra Universal Payments Platform is said to be a fault-tolerant system with a service-oriented architecture. The Distra platform will eventually become part of ACI's Agile Payments Solution strategy.

The deal is intended will help to integrate ACI's payments products with customers' enterprise architectures and should reduce costs, ACI said Thursday. It also allows financial institutions, processors and retailers to enhance flexibility and performance of their existing payments infrastructure to address needs for mobile, social channels and payment service hubs, ACI said.

The platform will become a part of ACI's Reference Architecture, improving research and development efficiency and accelerating time to market, ACI said.

The deal is expected to close within five business days.