Beyond the Arc Inc. said Tuesday that it has partnered with Attensity, a provider of text analytics, to gather and analyze data from social media websites.

The financial services consulting company based in Berkeley, Calif., will be able to use Attensity’s customer experience management applications.

In October, Beyond the Arc launched Social Customer Insights, which combines social media data mining with the goal of uncovering customer insights. Beyond the Arc collects social media posts, applies analytics and algorithms to the information and creates a refined data set. Attensity, based in Palo Alto, Calif., helps exclude irrelevant information, such as spam.

"Beyond the Arc's Social Customer Insights helps financial institutions gain customer insight, monitor their competitive landscape and accelerate social media return on investment by reaching well-defined business objectives," Steven J. Ramirez, chief executive of Beyond the Arc, said in a news release. "Financial institutions can now benefit from Attensity's social analytics capabilities, as we develop specialized solutions on their platform to help clients drive increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty."