Thousands of people scrambled to outrace a herd of stampeding cattle at Atlanta's inaugural Great Bull Run this October. But only one man sprinted past one-ton bulls while paying his bills.

Adventurer Jonathan Watson takes that chore to a new extreme in a Capital One spot promoting SureSwipe, a mobile-banking feature that allows customers to log into their accounts by tracing a pattern on the screens of their smartphones.

The video features Watson joining swarms of thrill-seekers clad in bull runners' traditional white shirts and red handkerchiefs. Deftly eluding bulls charging at 35 miles per hour, Watson logs into his mobile Capital One account and approves a credit card payment.

"That was awesome," Watson proclaims after crossing the finish line. "I just paid my bills while running with the bulls."

Capital One plans to further demonstrate the ease of using its SureSwipe feature with an upcoming spot that plunges Watson into another daredevil situation: the obstacle course Hit and Run 5K.

"I was using the app while getting dodgeballs thrown at me and having a rubber wrecking ball swung at me while I'm walking on a bar across water, that kind of thing," Watson explained in a phone interview. The new video will debut online within the next few weeks, he said.