A point of sale breach disclosed last week at a Texas restaurant only affects that restaurant, the restaurant's payment processor, Heartland Payment Systems Inc., said.

Hackers got into the Tinos Greek Cafe point of sale system and retrieved an unspecified amount of cardholder data, according to a local news report.

Austin police told the American-Statesman it was unsure if the breach was limited to the cafe or part of a larger incident. Police say fraudulent charges began appearing on customer statements in recent months. It was not clear how many cardholders were affected or how much money was taken, the newspaper reported.

Police suggested that the breach could affect other Heartland clients; Heartland insists the breach is confined to the single merchant.

"Recent reports of data theft at one Austin-area merchant clearly point to a localized intrusion initiated within the stores, either in their point of sale system or as a result of other fraud," Heartland said in a press release Friday. "The Heartland system at large and its merchants would not be compromised in any way by this type of attack, and the company is unaware of any broader issue."

Heartland says it is working with the restaurant to identify the source of the intrusion and to prevent the likelihood of a recurrence.