Independence Bancshares, (IEBS) in Greenville, S.C., has filed multiple mobile payment patent technology applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The parent of Independence National Bank said it filed the applications on March 15 and 17, following 11 preliminary applications it filed in March of last year.

The patents include several innovations, according to a company release. One is a patent for offering real-time, secure transaction processing; another involves the routing of electronic messaging and managing digital currencies, and peer-to-peer payments; and a third is related to the authentication of active accounts, devices, payments aimed at helping users to reduce fraud and credit risks.

Gordon Baird, the chief executive of Independence Bancshares, said the bank plans to take a leadership role in mobile banking technology development. "With a more modern, cross-platform way to connect the disparate parts of the digital transaction ecosystem, we can make banking better," he said in a news release Friday.