IntelliResponse, which sells virtual agent technology, released a new platform Tuesday that provides data visualization for incoming customer questions. The software is designed to let a bank quickly see what's top of mind for customers.

The new tool, called Voices, translates common customer queries into theme-based bubbles with labels like "credit limit" or "online banking." The bigger the bubble, the more the topic has been asked about by consumers. When a bank user drills into the questions, the customer queries are relayed exactly as originally written.

Currently, the software is sold with the company's virtual agent technology, but the platform is also designed to gather insights from any unstructured data source.

The vendor foresees bank marketers making use of the software to help design new products and quickly gain insight into customer trends. David Lloyd, chief executive officer, likens the tools to putting a data scientist in a box.

Users less visually inclined can scroll through a menu of themes. They can search through mobile-only or unanswered questions. Users can also visually compare one time period to another. "There are numerous ways to look at the data," says Paul Smith, vice president of product and services. "Every [team] using the system wants a different view."

IntelliResponse counts a number of Canadian banks as users of its virtual agent technology, including Harris Bank and Royal Bank of Canada.

Prior to Voices, IntelliResponse would analyze data coming from virtual agents and generate reports for bank clients.

Software designed to express data in a clear and concise way continues to gain traction in the financial services industry. Quad4D, which visualizes data for enterprises, recently competed at Swift's Innotribe contest. Meanwhile, Narrative Science and Yesop use algorithms to turn enterprise data into reports. MoneyDesktop, a personal finance management provider, uses bubbles to express data.