Software firm Kofax has released an application that helps analyze its image-capture system.

The Kofax Analytics for Capture application, launched today, allows businesses to assess the performance of Kofax's capture system. It provides real-time reports and metrics on the system's performance, allowing companies to improve the system's performance, it said.

The analytics program has a dashboard that can be customized. It can process data from multiple Kofax capture systems at a single time, the company said.

"As the information explosion continues, Kofax Analytics for Capture helps organizations keep pace by giving them near-real-time insight into information that has been captured for optimized decision making and performance," Martyn Christian, Kofax's chief marketing officer, said in a news release. "It empowers business users to improve operations based on detailed metrics and other insights into process issues, potential bottlenecks and staff productivity concerns."