The financial software company Misys has introduced a new system to aid banks in managing risk.

An offshoot of Misys Global Risk, which was released in November 2012, Misys Risk Insight is a risk aggregation and visualization system, the company said Monday. It includes a dashboard that can be used on mobile devices and permits users at banks and other financial firms to analyze risk at many different levels, from a companywide view to more detailed levels.

The product can gather risk information from Misys' risk platform, third-party software or an in-house system, Misys said.

"Misys Risk Insight provides senior management with full and immediate transparency on the risks taken by all business units," said Thierry Truche, Misys' head of risk product management, in the news release. "Whether you are looking at long-term risks such as ALM or more time-critical risk such as market risks, critical exposures can be more easily identified, followed and addressed using Risk Insight."