Sauce Labs, the San Francisco cloud-based mobile and web application testing solution provider Tuesday today announced an enhancement to its product and a fresh round of venture capital funding.

The enhancement, which is called Sauce Team, is a new management console that provides monitoring, reporting and collaboration for large enterprise users. It's means to give quality assurance testers and engineering directors visibility across all development groups and into the status of all of their tests. More than 50 million tests have run in the Sauce cloud and developers are running more than six million tests a month. The console is also intended to make it easier for cross-functional groups to collaborate and share test results, speeding up the debugging process.

The company also closed a $5 million Series C venture capital investment round led by Toba Capital on Tuesday. The latest round of venture capital investment will be used for platform development and expanding sales and marketing.

In addition to its web application testing cloud, Sauce Labs rolled out support for testing mobile web applications and Mac OS X applications in 2012. The company expanded its mobile testing cloud earlier this year by adding support for native and hybrid mobile applications using Appium, an open source mobile app testing tool. This lets companies test their iOS and Android apps for cross-browser compatibility using the test scripts they use for desktop applications.