A Rhode Island company called Swipely has launched a social spending website of the same name.

The site lets spenders enroll their card accounts to automatically import spending data to share with other users. Swipely said it has privacy controls in place so that users decide in each case whether to share their transactions. The dollar amounts are not shared.

Swipely, of Providence, said the idea is to make it easier for users of online social networks to share their experiences. "We all love to talk about that great new restaurant in town or amazing bargains and deals," Angus Davis, the company's founder and chief executive, said in a press release Aug. 18. "With Swipely, we've created the easiest way for people to start and share these conversations online with their friends."

Users earn badges based on how their spending is categorized. In its first four weeks, Swipely is encouraging sharing by giving rewards.