Banking software provider Computer Services Inc. (CSI) has introduced three new services that attempt to help lenders better safeguard against cyberattacks and data breaches.

The freshly added offerings are part of the company's risk and information security consulting services suite, which assists lenders in complying with industry rules and regulations. The additions include a service that mimics real-world cyberattacks in order to identify key risks within an organization; a password audit that tests the strength and security of firms' passwords; and a testing tool that analyzes the security of companies' web applications.

"As we continue to see changes within the industry brought about by advancements in technology and heavier regulatory pressure, we identified a definite need for greater guidance and support to ensure the continued success of our customers," Keith Haskett, vice president of operations of CSI's Regulatory Compliance Division, said in a Tuesday press release. "By introducing these modules into our current suite of RISC Services, we not only help our customers identify internal vulnerabilities within their institution, but also provide them with the tools necessary to fully address any issues uncovered."