Square and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has been in Ferguson, Mo., as part of the protests that followed the police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, earlier this month.

Dorsey, a St. Louis native, spent several days in Ferguson, posting images on his Twitter account and retweeting messages from protestors at the scene and celebrities such as HBO host John Oliver as well as photos and videos of the protests.



Dorsey commented to Gov. Jay Nixon's decision to impose a curfew, saying it "feels like a missed opportunity to trust our people." As the curfew neared Saturday, Dorsey urged demonstrators to go home. He also denied a rumor that he had been arrested.

Dorsey praised Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who has been placed in charge of the law enforcement response to the protest, calling him an "amazing and disarming leader."

Dorsey has waded into political issues in the past, including pondering a run for mayor of New York