With the exception of Wall Street titans who believe they're immune to claw-backs, who of us above a certain undisclosed age would not want a Retirement Income Navigator? SunTrust Banks in Atlanta is tapping into Generation X and Baby Boomer angst with a well-named retirement planning tool it's launching today. (Although Retirement Income Multiplier might be better, no one would believe it.)

The SunTrust Retirement Income Navigator is designed to help SunTrust Investment Services advisors help their clients "plan for and maximize retirement income while drawing down assets in a tax-smart, optimized way." The $178.2 billion-assets bank says it can help clients increase retirement income by up to 33 percent compared to a tax/investment neutral approach.

There are 80 million Baby Boomers close to retirement and already retired, staring down the possibility of decades of income-free living. SunTrust says its new tool can help investors "decumulate" money in a tax-advantaged way. The tool was developed in partnership with LifeYield.

"If investors draw down assets in a predictable and methodical way, they can enjoy better after-tax returns, increased retirement income, and possibly a greater bequest to heirs," said Mark Davis, senior vice president, SunTrust Investment Services. "Retirement Income Navigator provides tremendous value and precision for our financial planning clients in that their assets are being managed in a tax-smart way to provide a steady income stream."