Total Networx has launched a tool that installs a secure browser on an account holder's personal computer that provides protection for online banking sessions.

The eBankSafe secure browser uses a type of sandbox technology that protects the browser and data entered into it from infections on the computer, Total Networx said Thursday. To do this, it blocks potentially dangerous activities except those needed for the transaction.

The tool protects against account takeover, zero-day malware, keylogging, fund transfer fraud, screen scraping, man-in-the-middle attacks, HTML form spying and password theft, among other things, Total Networx said.

"In order to effectively combat corporate account takeover and electronic wire fraud, banks need to implement effective controls at the account level," Ryan Elmer, Total Networx account manager, said in a news release. "This is what protects the transaction at its weakest point — on the customer's computer. The best approach to online security is to assume that the PC is infected and take the necessary steps to render malware inoperable during the banking session."