U.S. Bancorp has implemented the electronic payments system Secure Vault Payments with the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center for parents to make child-support payments online.

Secure Vault Payments allows parents to make payments electronically without having to share their bank routing number or bank account number with the state, the Minneapolis bank said Monday.

Secure Vault Payments was developed by Nacha, the electronic payments association, to reduce paper checks and increase use of the automated clearing house network.

Parents begin the payment at the child support center's website and are then redirected to their bank's website to select the account to use for the payment. The financial institution authenticates the payer and withdraws the funds from the account. The funds are transferred to the child support center the next business day.

Parents can make child-support payments from an online bank account at U.S. Bank or at any other financial institution that works with Secure Vault Payments.