Vasco Data Security International (VDSI) has partnered with Trusteer to secure web applications.

Trusteer Rapport can now work with Vasco's Digipass authentication system. The two products are designed to protect endpoints from malware and phishing attacks designed to steal users' access credentials. Once installed, Trusteer Rapport removes existing financial malware from end-user machines and prevents future infections by stopping attempts to exploit browser vulnerabilities and install malware on the endpoint.

"Advanced malware is able to bypass all forms of authentication solutions. Even when using a strong authentication system, if the endpoint is infected with malware any application that is accessed, including online banking, enterprise applications are at risk," Yaron Dycian, vice president of products for Trusteer, said in a news release. "Our partnership with Vasco provides end-to-end security that secures the authentication mechanism from tampering by malware and blocks any attempts to compromise online banking, enterprise and cloud application sessions."