Chargeback requests have surged since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as airlines have canceled flights, performers have postponed concerts and supply chain disruptions have delayed the delivery of many goods.
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A second-term Trump administration would likely continue its deregulatory efforts, focus on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's exit from conservatorship, and seek to facilitate fintech participation in the banking system.
6 Min Read
Theorem is marketing its first-ever securitization of unsecured loans. It uses machine-learning technology to gauge the risk of default, a growing concern during the pandemic recession.
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The coronavirus pandemic has created major credit issues at the Boston bank and stymied efforts to improve profits, fueling speculation that the onetime serial acquirer could be a takeover target.
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The agency sought feedback on potential changes to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. But a coalition of industry and advocacy groups want a longer comment period to afford “a greater opportunity for thoughtful public participation.”
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Richard Marotta left the Boston company less than two weeks after a goodwill impairment charge contributed to a large quarterly loss.
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MatlinPatterson, which once owned more than 60% of the Michigan company, has been paring back its stake in recent years.
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FinTech Forward, a collaboration of American Banker and BAI, brings together the research, media, and event capabilities of banking's top two professional information and education organizations.

Mobile phones are only going to become a bigger part of how banks interact with their customers, so several institutions are looking to enhance that experience. They are focusing on better ways of opening accounts, verifying identities, interacting with customers and offering new services and features. Here are some of the improvements announced this year.
November 11
In the age of big data, banks should be king. After all, which industry knows more about people and how they behave than the holders of deposits? But all that data is useless without leaders who know how to effectively analyze it. American Banker recently polled data and analytics chiefs at banks about the trials and tribulations of big data and the art of finding insightful information. Here are some of their responses.
September 6
The era of banks and fintech companies cozying up to each other is in full bloom. Fintechs realize they can better disrupt the industry from within, while banks are looking for partners to help them navigate the digital world. Here's a look at how banks worldwide are buying, investing in and in some cases lending to fintech firms.
August 29