Most Powerful Women in Finance: No. 21, Citi's Tracey Brophy Warson

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Head of Citi Private Bank, North America, Citigroup

Having spent a large part of her career in and around Silicon Valley, Tracey Brophy Warson brings an innovation-minded approach to Citi Private Bank, where she runs the North American arm of the business. That’s a major selling point for the high-net-worth clients who trust some $223 billion in assets to her organization.

In just the past year, Warson oversaw the rollout of a number of new features that are ultimately meant to improve the client experience.

The private bank launched an Office of Client Expectations, a platform that give bank employees the authority to propose changes that would improve the delivery of services. She also established a North America Advisory Board, made up of high-profile clients across the U.S. and Canada who will convene twice a year to advise the bank on strategies and service improvements.

Other additions will have a more immediate impact. Under Warson’s direction, the bank changed the way it authorizes margin lending, allowing same-day approval of new credit facilities, rather than the three days the process typically required in the past.

She also gave the go-ahead to a new program called Citi Private Bank Assist, which allows customers to authorize wire transfers in a matter of minutes, and at a time and place convenient to them.

Warson joined Citi in 2010 as head of private banking for the western U.S. and was promoted to her current post in 2014. Under Warson, Citi Private Bank has enjoyed double-digit growth every year.

Warson is also leading the way in breaking down old barriers within the world of private banking. Her leadership team is 40% female and 60% diverse when counting minorities and LGBT individuals.

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