TeleCommunication Systems (NASDAQ:TSYS) announced the expansion of its Secure the Edge service Monday.

Secure the Edge, for use by commercial enterprises including banks and other financial institutions, uses location-based technology to protect mobile broadband networks, cloud-based applications and critical networks.

TCS, of Annapolis, Md., also introduced Security Broker, which provides multi-level authentication services for automatically connecting to a carrier network to access corporate data. It also added Secure Multimedia Communications, which encrypts voice, video and machine-to-machine data for mobile broadband communication on any device, according to a press release.

Its other new services include Secure Location, which verifies a device's location within security applications; and Secure Mobile Alerts, which enables mass notification to geographically targeted mobile users.

"With the growing trend of [Bring Your Own Device] in the workplace, the need to secure critical information is now a top IT challenge," said Jay Whitehurst, senior vice president of the commercial software group for TCS, in the release.