Wolters Kluwer Financial Services announced Wednesday that its DocOne Internet-based document library now offers mortgage servicers on-demand access to the company's residential mortgage pre-foreclosure compliance content.

Using DocOne's user interface, servicers can select and complete the documents they need to help build a case file that complies with state and federal regulations before foreclosing upon a property. These include breach notices, notices of default, notices of intent to foreclose and state-specific pre-foreclosure notices.

Minneapolis-based Wolters Kluwer hosts the platform, which also enables servicers to outsource printing and mailing.

"With many servicers currently managing their pre-foreclosure content templates on network drives, DocOne helps reduce version and access control risks associated with that practice," Art Tyszka, Wolters Kluwer's director of default servicing, said in a press release. "With DocOne, servicers can be confident their default servicing specialists can consistently access the compliant documents they need in the pre-foreclosure process."