The Most Powerful Women in Banking: Next

Get ready to meet 15 women — ages 40 and under — whose accomplishments and influence set them apart.

This extension of our Most Powerful Women in Banking program is meant to highlight high-achieving women in the leadership pipeline.

With the industry still struggling to improve the diversity in its top ranks, this list offers some insight into what the future holds — and some inspiration.

(Illustrations by Robert Carter)

Kristen Bitterly, Citigroup
Kristen Bitterly of Citigroup
Head of capital markets for the Americas, Citi Private Bank

"Kristen has demonstrated her ability to simultaneously manage a business and serve clients."

— Tracey Warson, head of North America, Citi Private Bank (nominating executive)

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Rachel Bryant, Regions Bank
Rachel Bryant of Regions Bank.
Head of market, liquidity, capital and strategic risk management

"Rachel's efforts have resulted in significantly strengthening and improving Regions' ability to chart a prudent, sustainable and profitable course."

— Martha Raber, head of financial risk (nominating executive)

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Camille Burckhart, Popular Inc.
Camille Burckhart of Popular Inc.
Chief information and digital officer

"Her fortitude and tremendous commitment enabled us to help our customers and communities during our recovery time and continues to propel our innovation further devising new ways to solve real-life problems."

— Teruca Rullán Alvarez, chief communications officer (nominating executive)

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Chantel Chase, Zions Bancorp.
Chantel Chase of Zions Bancorp.
Business banking operations division manager

"Chantel is an innovator and a collaborator. Her energy and can-do attitude, along with big-picture thinking, make her a force to be reckoned with."

— Lori Chillingworth, director of business banking (nominating executive)

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Lian Duan, China Merchants Bank (New York)
Lian Duan of China Merchants Bank
Deputy head of legal and compliance

"Ms. Duan has gained the respect and confidence of her colleagues and counterparts in the foreign banking community with her strong reasoning power, capacity and willingness to work, enthusiasm to learn about new products and issues, ability to manage a professional staff, and unfailingly pleasant demeanor."

— Joseph Loffredo, assistant general manager and CFO (nominating executive)

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April Frazer, Wells Fargo
April Frazer of Wells Fargo
Head of banks for the corporate and investment banking unit

"April is thoughtful, strategic, prepared, and knows how to focus on the activities that will make an impact to drive the business forward."

— Lisa McGeough, co-head of the corporate and investment banking unit (nominating executive)

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Emily Girsch, Lincoln Savings Bank
Emily Girsch of Lincoln Savings Bank
Chief financial officer

"Emily has a strong presence, in the boardroom, mentoring others and serving in the community."

— Erik Skovgard, president and CEO (nominating executive)

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Jacqueline Howard, Ally Financial
Senior director, corporate citizenship

"Jacqueline is an enterprise thinker who coordinates cross-functional working groups. She seamlessly works across the company with employees at all levels."

— Alison Summerville, business administration executive (nominating executive)

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Lindsay Lawrence, First Foundation Bank
Lindsay Lawrence of First Foundation Bank
Chief operating officer

"She picks up processes and information swiftly and is not afraid to confront people who may have a much more seasoned tenure."

— David DePillo, president (nominating executive)

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Carrie Lichter, Fifth Third
Carrie Lichter of Fifth Third Bancorp
Chief operational risk officer

"She has substantially enhanced our operational risk programs, focusing on driving front line accountability and strengthening second line oversight and challenge."

— Frank Forrest, chief risk officer (nominating executive)

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Erika Marquez, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking
Erika Marquez of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.
Vice president in the global trade finance department

"Erika has the rare ability to excel at both business development and implementation."

— Hiromitsu Yoshizawa, head of global trade finance for the Americas (nominating executive)

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Abigail Mrozinski, Wilmington Trust
Abigail Mrozinski of Wilmington Trust
Segment chief financial officer

"While extremely detail-oriented, Abby never loses sight of the bigger strategic picture, which is critical when working on complicated transactions."

— Bill Farrell, executive vice president for institutional client services (nominating executive)

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Jennifer Upshaw, Synovus
Jennifer Upshaw of Synovus
Senior director, marketing

"While Jennifer would be the first to credit the full team for the brand conversion success, great teams are only as effective as the leaders they're willing to follow."

— Liz Wolverton, chief strategy and customer experience officer (nominating executive)

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Uma Wilson, UMB Bank
Uma Wilson of UMB Bank
Director of product management

"Uma is a true leader. Her team approach is one of the many reasons the bank product department is so successful."

— Jim Rine, president and CEO (nominating executive)

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Rana Yared, Goldman Sachs
Rana Yared of Goldman Sachs
Partner and managing director, principal strategic investments team

"Rana is, and has always been, on an accelerated track at Goldman Sachs, driven by her tireless work ethic, deep functional skills, and a strong commercial intuition."

— Stephanie Cohen, chief strategy officer (nominating executive)

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