• If you haven't met Suzanne Shank you should. She is the chair and CEO of Siebert Williams Shank & Co. LLC, the nation’s largest female-and minority-owned, privately held finance firm, which she started with the legendary Muriel Siebert. Join us in an intimate conversation and hear her perspective on some of the most critical issues of the day.
    January 6
  • During 2020, our society has been faced with an economic crisis, health crisis, social justice crisis and environmental crisis. The pandemic has rapidly changed how banks engage with customers and employees; accelerating the shift from in-person interactions to digital engagements. Successfully leading a digital transformation requires much more than smart technology choices, culture is key.
    December 31
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  • It’s been proven time and again that women look at problems differently than male counterparts. It’s part of what makes balanced teams critical to the success of any organization. Women leaders, in particular, demonstrate heightened communication skills, a dedication to mentorship, a willingness to invest in continuous learning, a knack for building effective teams, and the ability to motivate employees with empathy and empowerment. This episode will provide perspectives from women leaders with real-world examples of achieving company goals without sacrificing humanity along the way.
    December 22
  • There is an emotional and human aspect in all relationships and that holds true for the bond between individuals and brands. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought both the strengths and weaknesses in customer experience under the spotlight. This episode will focus on how connecting with customers and ensuring they have a positive experience with a company is paramount, particularly in a pandemic-driven world. Join our host, Brooke Worden, President of The Rudin Group and guest speaker, Virgil Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Aflac U.S. and President of Aflac Group in a discussion that will highlight how and why Aflac is emphasizing three key aspects of the customer experience in 2020.
    December 11