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Here's a truth for the banking industry that Capital One just learned the hard way.

Whenever clients are unable to access their money, the bank will hear about it to no end. It doesn't matter however temporary the delay is, or how benign the glitch might be that caused the snafu. They're going to get on Twitter, Facebook and other social media venues and rant. And nobody's going to be polite about it, either.

Capital One customers vented on social media after being charged multiple times for the same debit card transactions. Some ended up with overdraft charges and negative balances. They were very unhappy about long hold times to find out what was going on.

Technical glitches were to blame, and the bank later announced on Twitter that the issue had been resolved and that all balances would be accurate. But that didn't stop some customers from posting zingers.

Days later, well after Capital One said the problems were solved, customers were still hammering the company.

But Capital One is hardly alone. Its problems were just the latest in a series of banking breakdowns that have driven customers crazy. Here's a roundup of the notable bank tech snafus, at big and little institutions, during the past year.