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REFORM THE FED: "We need to modify the Federal Reserve System and bring it into the 21st century," said Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Mich.
In a two-day marathon markup, the House Financial Services Committee passed 14 financial reform bills, including measures to broadly restructure the Federal Reserve, block some CFPB rules and limit compensation at the GSEs.

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Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry laid out a sweeping financial reform agenda on Wednesday, suggesting he would force the biggest banks to hold even more capital or reinstitute elements of the Glass-Steagall Act.  more »
Commerce Bancshares Kansas City, Mo., has found its customers want to save the planet but don't want to put in too much effort, so the issuer partnered with Sustain:Green for cards that offset carbon emissions.  more »
Bank regulators are likely to take further action to force banks to upgrade their cybersecurity processes as hackers continue to find ways to penetrate institutions’ defenses, Benjamin Lawsky, the top former New York bank supervisor, said Tuesday.  read more »
The auto lender, which has been operating under tight regulatory restrictions since its bailout during the financial crisis, will now be allowed to use its federally insured deposit base to fund more of its loan portfolio.  read more »
FinTech Forward
Fintech Recruitment Lessons ... from 'Star Wars'
Stephen Bohanon of Alkami, a vendor of online and mobile banking software, explains why tech companies serving financial institutions need to hire both industry veterans ("Jedis") and innovative outsiders ("Padawans").  read more »
A new ad from the U.S. unit of Toronto-Dominion Bank that features a same-sex couple is more than a social statement, as it also says a lot about the fragmentation, context and consumer control that are part of modern TV viewing habits, according to the company's top marketing executive.  read more »
Banks are making meaningful progress with customers in regaining the trust they lost during the financial crisis. For the first time in our annual survey, no bank had a weak reputation and some achieved "excellent" status.  read more »
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