THINKING BIG: M&A advice is "a service that our clients could use" and "will help bring [customers] in who aren't thinking of selling immediately," said Craig Underhill (left), the CEO of Freedom Bank of Virginia. Few of Lead Bank's competitors are offering investment-banking services "and we think there is an opportunity for real growth," said Clint Harris, senior director of corporate finance for its M&A advisory unit.
Regional and small banks are providing M&A advisory services to their commercial customers as a way to drive fee income, deepen client relationships and differentiate themselves from rivals.

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Sens. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and David Vitter, R-La., continued to press their case over "too big to fail" on Thursday, in the wake of a new government report that raises fresh questions about the size of a market subsidy for the largest institutions.  more »
The troubled Greenville, S.C., bank lost $15 million in the second quarter, its first quarterly results since a new management team replaced the three founders who were fired in April. Moreover, local NAACP leaders have raised concerns about the firings, which they say sent a toxic message to the local African-American community.  more »
A highly anticipated report by the Government Accountability Office has found that the subsidy large banks receive for their size has been reduced or even eliminated since the financial crisis.  read more »
Square Unveils an EMV Chip-and-Signature Card Reader
Square plans to offer a version of its mobile card reader that can read EMV-chip cards, but the added security may come at a cost.  read more »
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Old National Bancorp in Evansville, Ind., has spent the last year buying its way into higher-growth markets, including a deal announced Monday in Grand Rapids, Mich. CEO Bob Jones is still antsy to expand in Louisville but acknowledges that shareholders want him to take a break from M&A.  read more »
Free credit scores are so seven years ago. Credit Karma, an educational site for consumers that makes money from sending customer leads to lenders, is now publishing free full credit reports on a more frequent basis. The idea is to better educate borrowers who are in the market for credit while collecting better leads for its bank partners.  read more »
Though satisfying examiners remains a priority, their decisions about how and where to deploy resources are being mostly driven by the desire to meet customers' changing demands, according to a new survey from the advisory firm KPMG.  read more »
Theories abound. So do bankers' frustrations. And regulators like FinCEN Director Jennifer Shasky Calvery promise the toughened stance is here to stay.  read more »
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